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Lexus reveals the new Lexus Hoverboard

Making Impossible, Possible
cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Aug 05, 2015 )    |    Featured, News, Science, Technology


After weeks of teasing and months in development, Lexus finally unveils their new Amazing in Motion project hoverboard. Taking its inspiration from the movie “Back to the Future”, Lexus new hoverboard takes the step up in developing a levitating skateboard that people can actually try on. The Lexus hoverboard uses a superconducting material and is super-cooled with liquid Nitrogen at -197°C, then runs on a specially designed magnetic track to levitate the board.

To try out the new hoverboard, Lexus built a special skating park in Spain and invited a number skateboarders to try the new Lexus hoverboard. In the video, skaters tries out a number of tricks which they used to do with a conventional skateboard, though the new hoverboard present a new platform in the sport, the technology still has a long way to go and though it now perform some tricks, it still has many limitations but one of its unique features is that it can glide through waters with out a hitch.

With Lexus imagination and brilliant imagination, the Hoverboard becomes a reality. Dreams, it seems can be built and Lexus is working hard to push the technology even further by exploring new possibilities.

Building the Hoverboard

There is no such thing as impossible, it’s just a matter of figuring out how.
– Haruhiko Tanahashi,  Lexus Chief Engineer

Though it’s a cool thing to own a Lexus Hoverboard, however Lexus isn’t selling this levitating skateboard anytime soon. Yes, the technology is already here but it requires further research and development before a mass production model can be achieved. For now, let’s just enjoy the marvels that technology can bring to this world and hoping that one day, such technology won’t only be limited to hoverboards, but something that can fit in a car as well. Would that be cool?