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Lenovo has a smartphone with over 95% screen-to-body ratio and they’re said to launch next month

cjmagowan  —  8 months ago ( May 09, 2018 )    |    News

Lenovo isn’t just about desktops and laptops, they do smartphones too. Though the brand isn’t as successful as compared to Apple, Samsung or even Huawei and Xiaomi but the recent integration of Motorola handsets into the company has made a significant impact in its smartphone business. Still, Lenovo-branded handset is still one of the players in the mobile scene even though they already have the Moto series with them. And when it comes into the latest smartphone trends, Lenovo is also keeping itself up with the trend, and while we haven’t seen any significant changes on their designs as of late, that might just change with the next generation Lenovo handsets.

Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng teased a “full-screen smartphone” on its official Weibo account lately and if your one of those who are fond of a bezel less phones, the company’s upcoming model might just be and ultimately are made for you. Besides the virtually thin bezels, the teaser image seems to have a plain top too and that means that a notch or something doesn’t have a place around here, something a lot less likely found on the recent influx of notch-equipped devices in the market.

Together with the image that we see above, Lenovo VP Chang Cheng also posted a poll which ask users on what they really think about full-screen smartphones:

  1. 80-84% screen ratio
  2. 85-89% screen ratio
  3. 90-94% screen ratio

Now, the above different screen-to-body ratio’s are what we currently have with the latest smartphones in the market but Lenovo’s VP clarifies that the company’s upcoming smartphone will go beyond that limit and will break the 95% barrier featuring a true full-screen display experience on a smartphone with virtually no top and side bezels and as the image have depicted, users won’t have to deal with a notch as well.

Now we wondered where will the front sensors and camera would go, we still haven’t seen the full handset design and given the fact that VP Chang Cheng only implies the top and sides will have a significantly thin bezels, that leaves the bottom part in a lot of debate. In our opinion, Lenovo might just be going the way how Xiaomi handles the front sensors and front-facing camera with the Mi Mix series but having them all at the bottom of the device, a little awkward at first but users will easily get used to it.

As for the rest of the specs, Lenovo has been tight-lipped regarding the details but the mysterious handset gets a June 14 launch though this is just rumored at the moment, we feel that is the case, given that Lenovo’s eagerness to come out with a significantly redesigned handset in order to push up its market share which actually made us so excited as you are about it.