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Leaked sketches of the OnePlus 5 teases dual cameras for both front and back

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 10, 2017 )    |    News

Rumors within the mobile market like it always did comes to show us what to expect on what’s going on with the subject matter or what comes after it. The OnePlus 5 handset has already been confirmed by OnePlus with an official affirmation of the device name recently. However, despite all our efforts, OnePlus seems a little too secretive about the OnePlus 5 giving us bits of information here and there.

We haven’t seen any indication on what the handset would look like when it comes out in a few months time, as there were no hits available for that until today. In a familiar turn of events, somebody got a hold of an alleged design sketches of the upcoming handset. As our source pointed out, it seems like the same is happening for the OnePlus 5 when the OnePlus One was first leaked, which revealed what the design would be for the handset.

It has been long-rumored that OnePlus will feature a dual-camera setup and  judging from what we see from here, it looks like the feature is indeed coming. It also include a dual LED flash to complement these camera sensors.

Looking at the back, one could see a rounded curved back cover with a familiar looking design. Reminiscent with how Google Pixel devices were built with a window on top surrounding the camera. This window is said to be made from a ceramic material instead of glass from the Google Pixel. If that’s the case then, the OnePlus 5 would be the second device from the company to include such material on its device after the OnePlus X. From there, moving down below the back cover, one will see an antenna line that stretches towards the sides.

Moving unto the front, one could expect a thinner bezels for its screen to body ratio. The screen is a 5.5-inch display and is said to come with QHD resolution, something a first from OnePlus but to our surprise this sketch also includes a front-facing dual camera module, something that we haven’t thought of since and if that’s the case then it could be a game changer for everyone especially with how flagship devices should be.

At the bottom, there’s the speaker grill on one end while a 3.5mm headphone jack and a mic on the other end. In the center is its USB port and we’re expecting OnePlus to continue to implement a USB-C type port and connectors for its future devices.

Next we have a view on one side, where there is nothing else but a seemingly volume rocker and an alert slider, yes, the Alert slider is back and one could easily flick that to silence the device. Lastly, there’s this camera module that protrudes on the back. It may not be a bad thing but we hope OnePlus could eliminate that hump and go with a flushed camera module for a rather fluid design.

Expect more and similar information like this are we move forward towards the launching of the device this summer, stay tuned…