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Leaked promotional video of the HTC 10 goes online ahead of the official unveiling

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Apr 12, 2016 )    |    News


The HTC 10 is yet to become official tomorrow April 12 with HTC preparing a special event for the launch of the company’s latest flagship device but it looks like there will be less surprises that awaits us tomorrow as someone just got a hold of what seems to be an official promo video of the flagship device.The leaked promotional video was posted earlier today on Youtube and is surprisingly have not been taken down since which everyone has access to it in full detail.

The video starts off with a single piece of metal and cut with precision in a shape of the handset and then pushed out as a standalone piece, an indication that the handset will indeed be made of a full metallic frame. Laser cutting through the blocked piece of metal forms a chamfered edge which is one unique characteristics of the HTC 10 since it started the One series, this one looks more premium.

The back in which many agreed on is one the best looking part of the handset, its minimalistic projection ensures there’s nothing else to miss with the HTC 10. Element-wise, the back of the handset comes with the slightly protruding camera along with its LED flash. The HTC logo sits on the center of the backplate below the camera sensor while the two antenna lines finished both the top and bottom of the handset, you’ll also notice a little hole within the antenna line from the top of the handset which could be the secondary mic.

Moving to the front however presents a seemingly generic looking facia with the obvious front facing camera on top while the bottom houses of what seems to be physical button which might hold a fingerprint scanner that doubles as a home key. On the sides, there’s the hard to miss physical buttons the volume rocker and the power/standby along with the SIM tray.

The top of the handset serves the 3.5mm audio jack while the bottom portion is where the USB Type-C port is located along with the speaker grill and a primary microphone. As you’ll notice, the HTC 10 won’t be featuring the signature BoomSound dual-speaker grills that was a fixture from its predecessor. Surely, customers will complain about the missing stereo speakers but the primary magic of BoomSound lies in the software. Many will disagree however it’s yet to determine if how many will get disappointed about the new handset and how many will be having a good impression about the handset.

Despite extensive leaks, we still have a limited amount of information about the handset but rumors suggests that the handset will be running on Snapdragon 820 with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. Some also suggest great improvements in camera hardware. The handset will obviously boot-up the latest version of Android and as always with HTC’s proprietary user interface on top. The HTC 10 will be announced tomorrow at8am ET/1pm BST tomorrow.