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Leaked: Nokia X6 with a display notch and a Nokia 7 Plus-esque back

cjmagowan  —  10 months ago ( Apr 26, 2018 )    |    News

HMD Global in China at least has a new device coming. The recently teased Nokia X series on a cinema ad display in the country is about to make its debut this Friday. But before HMD Global could make the official unveiling, a leaked image allegedly of Nokia X6 made into the online community.

From the looks of it, HMD Global has openly embraced the trend. The alleged device sport an almost all screen front with a 5.8-inch display together with the dreaded display notch on top. If this alleged render show the official device for tomorrow’s unveiling, this will be Nokia’s first device with a display notch.

In addition to that, Nokia still imposed a noticeable lip at the bottom, which is anyway being doing much like everyone else in the Android market, Nokia could have get away with it but anyway, it now houses the Nokia logo on the front which in some sense, still has its use.

Going to the back, it tells a familiar story, a de javu of the Nokia 7 Plus which by the way will make its launch in the Philippines tomorrow. Not just the back of the Nokia 7 Plus that made its ways to the Nokia X6, the copper accents, fingerprint placement and the Zeiss branded dual cameras are all in as well.

What’s absent in the picture though is the Android One logo on the back which is probably because the device is specifically intended for the Chinese market, We’d expect Nokia would bring the said device though globally as even at this early, Customers are already having interest on this device.

The alleged Nokia X6 will powered by MediaTek Helio P60 with 4GB RAM but a slightly upgrade version will also be available with Snapdragon 636 and 6GB of RAM. Any of these devices will boot Android Oreo out of the box and is expected to retail around US$ 250.00.