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Leaked: iPhone 7’s familiar look and a document that suggests it might have a Selfie flash

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Aug 12, 2016 )    |    News

The Apple iPhone 7 is just less than a month away to an expected announcement on September 6, though Apple hasn’t talked about the matter, rumors are already making the upcoming handset popular even before the official announcements. Things that we might want to understand first is how the iPhone 7 would look really like in person, while others thought of a significant redesign, some suggest a more conservative approach telling us to expect something similar and a bit too familiar in perspective.

Yes it may seems, On September 6th, Apple will be unveiling the new iPhone 7 and expectedly the iPhone 7 Plus/PRO, while the variant on the latter hasn’t been confirmed what it’s officially called, we can be assured that we’ll still get the regular-sized model and a bigger variant similar to the approach implemented on the release of the the iPhone 6. Also, there were mixed reports of a purportedly three variations of the handsets that’s coming our way, new rumors suggests that there will still be only two variants of them that’s making into the market.


Regarding the looks, renders and even live photos of the alleged iPhone 7 suggests that itwill sport the same familiar look as its predecessor with only minor difference in the antenna lines on the back and possibly a dual camera module for the iPhone 7 Plus/PRO models. The front is fairly the same as the iPhone 6 but a capacitive Home button will take over the physical Home button that’s been with the iPhone since its inception.

While basically the main camera gets the LED flash, new information suggests that the iPhone 7 will also include a front-facing flash for the front camera. Though if we look into how the iPhone 7’s front look like, we really can’t find any signs of a front-facing flash. Though the leaked documents below describes part code D12 and H12 with referring to a strobe lens and LED, we don’t really known for sure if what it really means as the leaked image of the handset doesn’t even shows one, but is seems to suggests that the iPhone 7 might just be sporting a Selfie flash on the front, however on which front of the handset, we don’t know.

While we’re imagining things for now, experts believed that Apple’s description of part D12 might be referring to the screen as the main flash or source of light for Selfies.

The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus/PRO is expected to be announced on September 6 along with the finally and probably an official rollout for Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 10 in which the upcoming iPhone comes with it out of the box while other compatible Apple devices should be able to download them through OTA or itunes.