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Japan Autoway Tire company outs new scary commercial

cjmagowan  —  5 years ago ( Dec 04, 2013 )    |    Entertainment

Commercials on any media publications are designed to entice potential customers to sell the company’s product, but guys from Autoway – a tire company in Japan decided to be different. Instead of the usual tire emphasis imagery, the latest ad they have leads potential buyers to a different approach by showing a scary tactics.

The commercial is intended to show Autoway’s tires perform in extreme conditions. It’s so extreme that the video you’re about to see might put you away from your seats. There is even a set of warnings in the beginning of the video which read “Not for the faint of heart” and some more disclaimers.

With no intentions of ruining the video. it would be better if you yourself watch the Autoway ad immediately.

Good luck…

Well, did you jump?? How was your experience?

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