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It’s official, the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 – Bigger, Smarter, more capable

cjmagowan  —  6 months ago ( Aug 12, 2018 )    |    Featured, Mobile, News

The moment that everyone was waiting for has finally come, Samsung on Thursday August 9th officially unveiled the new Generation Note handset the Galaxy Note9. Rumors and leaks that went out long before it was finally unveiled was almost exactly a spot-on especially those of the newer once that came out recently.

Like what we have hoped for, the Galaxy Note9 might just be the Note device that everyone wishes to be one and a true upgrade with what we’ve longed for after since the Galaxy Note 5. The Galaxy Note 8 strongly holds on its own but the Galaxy Note9 speaks differently and the features are just as fantastic as it sounds.

First up is the Battery. With the new Galaxy Note9, Samsung finally implement a huge battery pack for its flagship grade handset, in the past, it has always been that mid-rangers and even entry-level ones are given with a huge importance in stamina but with the Galaxy Note9, we could say the same about it with its 4000 mAh battery pack. Not only that, the Galaxy Note 9 also supports fast charging feature and of course fast wireless charging with Samsung’s current wireless fast charging pads. This gives the new Galaxy Note device a huge advantage over other competing brands.

And then, with the Galaxy Note9, Samsung boosts the included S Pen to the next level. For the first time ever, the beloved S Pen finally acquires wireless bluetooth connectivity, so you can have the S Pen as your wireless presenter controller, control how you play music or even watch your favorite videos on the device. Besides these new features, one of the most importantly feature of the S Pen which is one of the highlights at Samsung UNPacked 2 event is that it’s function as a clicker to snap photos remotely at a certain distance. More like we see from wireless remotes on Selfie sticks and tripods.

The new S Pen has a small battery in it to power its bluetooth module and for those who are worried about battery life on the S Pen, a 40-second quick charge should be able to makes the clicks to last for 30 minutes before it runs out of juice and by the time then, a less than a quick charge should make it for another round.

The Galaxy Note9 is full of new and exciting features, and to take advantage of all its features it needs a bigger storage to store its data and so you can retrieve all of them later instantly. With the new Note, Samsung have stepped up the minimum storage space for the series as It starts at a hundred and twenty-eight Gigabyte (128GB) of on-board storage doubling last year’s offering. Not only that, the Galaxy Note9 is also Samsung’s first ever smartphone device that has a massive 512GB internal storage option, and with microSD slot that supports up to 512GB of microSD cards, this variant of the handset will be able to hold up to a terabyte of storage.

Photography has made Galaxy Note series its mainstay feature, that holds true since the Galaxy Note 2, with Samsung constantly updating the imaging mechanics of every Galaxy Note that it outed in the market and so does the Galaxy Note9. Following the success of the Galaxy S9+’s dual aperture lens, the Galaxy Note 9 also inherits the feature. However, while we all can agree that the dual camera module implementation on the Galaxy S9+ is one of the best to look at, the Galaxy Note 9’s dual camera implementation seems to look unusual and is by the way oriented awkwardly horizontal when holding the device up.

With that looks aside, the Galaxy Note9 should take excellent photos and videos may it be in ample lighting or even in dimmed areas thanks to its 12 Megapixel main dual aperture sensor. Which intelligently sets the aperture up to f/2.4 in well-lit and sunny condition. When at night or in dark areas, the camera should be able to automatically adjust its aperture to f/1.5 to take every inch of light in the area or in the room. The secondary camera which also is a 12 Megapixel sensor offers a 2x optical zoom. Both of these sensors comes with Optical Image Stabilization with AutoFocus and is supported by a dual-tone LED flash.

On the front, we have a standard 8 Megapixel Selfie camera and thankfully has a f/1.7 Aperture lens to take more light in every snap, and of course it too has an AutoFocus feature because it can and will help you take blurry picture of yourself and your friends.

You though we spend so much time on the camera, well, you are absolutely correct because there’s more to talk about it. With the increase in AI on smartphones, Samsung also has this features for themselves but unlike all other else, Samsung isn’t too obvious about it but it’s there when you need it. It’s what Samsung called Intelligent Camera and it works so much like those AI camera from other devices. It can detect scenes as you point the camera towards your subject and should be able to select a predefined camera settings automatically for the given scene to make the colors, subject and landscape to pop out.

It can even detect smudges on the lens so you can clean them before you take a shot and also when your subject’s eyes are close so you will be able to choice whether you want your photos that way to make second should soon after.

Before, DeX would require a separate peripheral or most commonly known as accessory to make desktop experience possible on a Samsung device. But with the new generation DeX which is built right into the device itself can make that desktop computing experience in an instant with only a HDMI to USB-C connector. a HDMI connector may be another accessory as you say but it’s a lot cheaper than what Samsung required before. But with that, you’ll loss extra connectivity ports which are built into the Dex dock where you can attached a regular keyboard and a mouse.

With the new DeX implementation however, you option is to go wireless for the mouse and keyboard. If those accessory aren’t available on hand, you can still work around with you desktop experience as your device will act your input method. Also with the new DeX, you now have the freedom to work with two displays as it no longer turn your device display off and you can still work with everything else on your phone independent from your Desktop mode.

Everything else, you’ll have a typical Galaxy Note upgrade like the display, Samsung has the largest infinity display yet on the Galaxy Note9 at 6.4-inch, a 0.1-inch larger that last year’s Galaxy Note8 which is actually less noticeable as both devices looks more exactly the same except on how they looks on the back of course.

Performance-wise, the handset comes with either a Snapdragon 845 chipset or an Exynos 9810 chipset (depending on the market). And then they have a 6GB RAM for the 128GB variant and ultimately an 8GB of RAM for the 512GB version. As we’ve said earlier, the handset also supports microSD cards of up to 512GB in size. And we have as always, an IP68 water resistance and dust proofing.

Given it’s got a super large battery, you might think that the Galaxy Note9 could heat up when in prolonged use, Samsung has that figured out and equipped that new handset with heatpipe cooling to dissipate heat and manage the temperature inside the handset. This ensures that everything works normally at speed at its maximum all the time.

We’ve already know that Samsung isn’t putting the fingerprint sensor under the display as of yet, neither it planned to put it away altogether. The fingerprint biometric sensor still sits comfortably on the back while the front still has an Iris scanner for additional layer of security. Another feature that we were pleased to see on the Galaxy Note9 is the 3.5mm Audio jack, something that still favors the audiophiles nonetheless and also something to note is that the new Galaxy Note9 now comes with stereo loudspeakers.

We’ve already touch a little about AI earlier and that’s all about the camera, this time though, the term surrounding AI on the Galaxy Note9 is all and optimized by Samsung’s own version of Personal Assistant Bixby. The new Bixby is more reliable, responsive and can take casual conversations pretty much easily. Samsung built Bixby to be as interactive, more like human in a sense.

The Galaxy Note9 will be available in three primary color options: Metallic Copper, Midnight Black, Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue. The first three color options will have an in-device color scheme for the S Pen while the special Ocean Blue variant will have also have a special gold color-schemed S Pen. The new device will be available starting this August 24 in key selected markets with pricing at around $999 for the 6GB/128GB variant while the 8GB/512GB version will cost around $1,250 or 55,590 Php and 75,990 Php respectively in the Philippines.

Together with the release of the new Galaxy Note9, there’s also a special exclusive availability of FortNite from Epic Games on Android devices through the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 and other Samsung compatible devices with an exclusive in-game items and themes.

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