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iPhone 6 huge discounts on the way for the holiday at Sam’s Club

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Nov 03, 2014 )    |    Mobile, News


As the holiday season approaches and Black Friday just weeks ahead of just. Retailers such as Sam’s Club is preparing something special for selected few customers, they will be offering customers with the new Apple iPhone 6 at half the price , that is if you are ready to opt-in on contract.

The information was revealed from the leaked flyer of the said retail store for its holiday promo which will offer the new iPhone 6 16GB variant for only $99 under a 2-year contract, $199 for the 64GB and $299 for the 128GB variant. This offer is for In-Club only with 40 – 50 units per club only. The offer is up to the 31st of December but considering the very attractive price, we doubt if there will be units left even by the mid of next month. In addition to the iPhone 6 promo, Sam’s Club will also sell the first-gen iPad’s at $100 discount.

As per sources outlook, other retail stores in the US is also going to offer the same promo or something similar to Sam’s Club promos as we hit the holiday season this year.