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iOS 8 starts rolling out today to supported iDevices

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Sep 18, 2014 )    |    Mobile, Technology


The wait is finally over, Apple has opened the gates for the latest iOS 8 to roll out and is certainly making the Apple servers busy throughout the process. The update is available both Over-the-Air or iTunes so users will have two ways of getting the update at their own convenience. Like every major update, users are advised to take time to backup their devices just in case something goes wrong during the update process.

To start with, users may use Apple’s iCloud service to backup their device if they have account on that service or they may sync their device with an iMac or PC prior the update. Though OTA update comes in handy, just be sure to have an appropriate data plan to cater the service as this update takes a bulk which should cost more on regular data connection. another route would be via iTunes where the device is sync to the iTunes application and then let the app do the rest of the process.

Once installed the next thing that would happen next is that your existing apps will be updating itself to fit in the new OS which should take for a while depending on the users installed apps.  Once done, it’s now ready to take users to a new iOS experience where apps are compatible and fully utilize the OS environment.


The new iOS 8 brings in new features and options that sets itself a significantly different beast despite the similarities in terms of visual design and interface.  So if you want to enjoy and take the new benefits of the biggest iOS update ever, update your iOS device now. Just be sure to leave more room on your iOS device for the update to proceed  or you may need to transfer your media files and delete apps to free up the space on your iOS device.