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Intel announces new Core X-Series chips including the new Core i9 and Core i9 Extreme Edition

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 31, 2017 )    |    Computing, Featured, News, Technology

Intel’s dominance in the PC realm has been going on for years which may had been surprised by AMD’s recent developments with the introduction of their latest Ryzen chips. But like rumors persisted, Intel has its answers to its long-standing rival and might just spark a new processor war in (what we would like to call it) a post-PC era.

At Computex 2017, Intel finally broke out from silence and unveiled a new series of Core processors designed mainly for the enthusiasts and the extremes with the new Core X family.

The new series of performance processors starts with the new Core i5-7640X with 4-cores and 4-threads followed by a Core i7 X-Series with either 4-Core/8-thread configuration and an 8-Core with 16-thread chip. Intel is also introducing and even more powerful processor, more powerful from the Core i7 with the new Core i9 and there’s no other way to introduce the new chip than boosting it with extreme performance and that includes a variant with 10-core/20-thread processor and a 16-core with 32-thread super powerhouse chip.

With the new processors, Intel is also introducing the new X299 motherboard chipset which the new processors are designed to work into. However in terms of architectures, most of the new Core X-Series processors are based on Intel’s 6th-gen Skylake platform called the Skylake X while the Core i5 and Core i7 variants are based on the new Kabe Lake X platform.

While these processors are deemed extreme to the usual taste, there’s something more to these things that an extreme enthusiasts could only wish for and Intel will solve that problem with a variant with what is believed to be the monster of monsters the Core i9 Extreme Edition. The Intel Core i9 Extreme Edition features 18-cores with 36 total threads and is at the top of the list the most powerful processor to date.

Intel is also improving its Turbo Boost technology for the high-end X-Series variants with Turbo Boost Max 3.0. This feature will allow each processor core to perform at its utmost potential for an improve performance. Intel claims at least 10 percent more efficiency in multi-threaded performance while a 15 percent increase in single threaded tasks.

Today’s announcement from Intel are part of both the 6th and 7th generation line of processors designed mainly for gamers, enthusiasts, custom builders, and the community sector that requires such processing power to do its job.

But apart from what is being unveiled, Intel also gave us a tip for the upcoming mainstream chips with the company’s 8th-generation processors codenamed Coffee Lake. Coffee Lake will see a significant performance boost of up to 30 percent from the current 7th-gen Kaby Lake line however, Intel still has no official date as to when we’ll see the next generation of processor to become available in the market.