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Huawei teases its upcoming smartwatch ahead of MWC 2015

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Mar 01, 2015 )    |    Gadgets


As they say 2015 is the year of the wearable, companies from around the globe has their own version of what consumer tech is appropriate to stay connected, mobile and smart. One of the popular form of gadget that has become more connected and has been as wearable for the longest time is the watch. That’s why Huawei like all other tech giants in the industry took notice of it and is now working to bring one of its own version of the modern connected watch with the help of Google with Android Wear OS.

It seems that the Chinese firm can no longer wait for the official unveiling in a press event on Monday as Huawei is about to unveil its first smartmatch dubbed simply the “Watch”. They have already released a series of promotional videos online and an Airport ad placements in Barcelona in connection to the much awaited Mobile World Congress 2015 in the country. As the ads slogan – “Timeless design. Smart within”, the promotional videos simple reiterates how the smartwatch was built upon and how things would work while bringing its classic design with modern approach.

The new Huawei watch follows the circular design that has already been with LG and Motorola but unlike from the two pioneers mentioned, Huawei designed its Watch with a touch of pure classic design with a circular fascia and a choice of interchangeable straps. It is powered by Google Android Wear platform with Huawei’s custom and changeable watch faces. Though one of the videos that Huawei recently released gave us a glimpse on how they’ve tried to perfect the design of their Watch, there are still some things that we need to understand and that’s what the company is going to discuss in their press event that they have prepare for tomorrow.

All we have now is that the new Huawei Watch is a piece of a classic but smart enough to stay in our modern world. It is not only design to take on men but also now has appeal on women. One of its prominent advantage is that the Watch is designed to be more compact and has a stainless metal unibody design with a sapphire glass on the front. The straps ranges from a number of leather types and a choices of metal ones so even at its physical aspects, its users has a few more of choices to make the Watch more personal. We’ll be taking note of the new Huawei Watch and will be waiting until they officially introduce the device very shortly.