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Huawei officially teased its triple camera system and it’s horizontally oriented

cjmagowan  —  11 months ago ( Mar 07, 2018 )    |    News

Huawei already confirmed last week that the company’s next flagship will be called the P20, today, Huawei once again revealed one of the most awaited hints that the company always makes especially with the upcoming release of the P20. While we thought that it would be better the spill it out once and for all after Huawei announces the P20, it’s hard to ignore the biggest bombshell so far that Huawei is dropping.

The image above is an extract from Huawei’s official teaser video on Twitter that outlines Huawei’s next flagship the P20. Unlike all other alleged leaks previously, the latest came from Huawei itself and this shared quite a bit of details that seems to contradict our early speculations about its camera module. Recently, a leaked photo of the alleged marketing material for the P20 showed a vertically aligned camera module on the back, however, the official teaser from Huawei tells otherwise.

From here, we could expect the same camera module orientation from the P10 series but this time, Huawei will be including a third sensor into the mix. We don’t known what the third sensor would do but we speculated that it might offer a telephoto lens or some sort since the P10 and the P10 Plus already have an RGB and monochrome sensors in them. If that’s not the case then, it would have something to do with AI in which Huawei cleverly highlights its AI handles in its teaser ads recently.

What’s missing in the video though is the mention of Leica which has been a Huawei partner since the P9. But it does however reminds Leica’s S System from the beginning of the video and it emphasize “Professional Photography”, so that’s something that we are very eager to see and how these two companies envision the next generation mobile camera systems.

Huawei will be unveiling the P20 this coming March 27, 2018 in Paris.