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Huawei officially announce the new Huawei Watch

It's classically designed for the modern and digital world
cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Mar 02, 2015 )    |    Gadgets


Seems like there’s someone from within who’s eager to show the world about the Huawei Watch, as it turned out, the early revelation videos that we have awhile ago seemed to be unintentional but as things goes through later today,the company’s Director and CEO of Consumer BG Richard Yu was proud to announced the new Huawei Watch, though not the company’s first in the world of wearable devices but will be one of the first smartwatch of today to adopt a fully circular interface with virtually close to zero display bezel and compact design.


As we look closer on what inspires Huawei in the creation of the Watch, the company admittedly follows the footsteps of premium luxury timepieces with a classic looking device but with sophisticated technology within. That’s how they came up with their slogan as “Timeless design. Smart within” as they provide more details on how a proper Watch would look like while blending with our available technology today.


In order to provide a truly premium experience, the Huawei Watch is built on true and standard watch elements which follows the same basic principle that our existing watch has been made for so many years. With materials that only a real timepiece has to offer with a unibody design cold-forged from a single piece of stainless steel frame that’s corrosion and scratch resistant. The Huawei watch unlike anybody else is also pioneering a Sapphire crystal glass for its display for better and crystal clear screen and ultimately for protection, a material which can only be seen from most luxury watches crafted with much detail and precision. Inside is composed of 160 delicate components with 160 steps done by hand, 260 manufacturing steps and 650+ hours of vigorous testing to ensure high quality standards.


The Watch is equipped with a 1.4-inch AMOLED display with 400 x 400 resolutions at 286 ppi, it has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio which ensures full and easy readability with crisp and virtually lossless images. It is powered by Google’s Android Wear platform and is equipped with a number of options including voice calling, instant and real-time notifications, alarm and much more. With the a flick of a finger, the watch offer users a great number of possibilities.

It also comes with a number of sensor which allows the Huawei Watch to use the device as a personal tracker with a built-in Heart-rate monitor to keeps track on your health status and progress with all your favorite activities. It comes with Huawei’s own software for health tracking but aside from that, it also supports Google Fit and Jawbone. It even has a companion app for smartphones which allows the new Huawei Watch to connect and work with other wearable devices.



With Android Wear platform, Huawei has created a number of predefined and interchangeable watch fascias from the classic look to the marine and scientific watches with full working parts. Huawei has offered users a fully personalized platform that’s not only limited on the software aspect of the watch but also in its physical appearance. For users with different kind of taste, Huawei has created three color options for the Watch cases that ranges from Black, Gold and silver paired a number of different straps from  a number of different leather types and metallic straps with different colors to choose from to suit the user’s lifestyle.