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HTC’s new M10 teaser portrays the audio feature of the handset

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Mar 24, 2016 )    |    News


After formally confirming its anticipated launch date, HTC is teasing the M10 or just 10’s audio feature. Earlier rumors suggest that HTC would be dropping its proprietary BoomSound audio feature on the next flagship however as the teaserrevealed, the shouldn’t be the case as the image shown above is somewhat familiar with the type of speaker grills that’s being there with a handful of devices not just HTC.

Though we can’t really exactly tell whether BoomSound as expressed by dual front firing speakers of HTC’s devices would return or perhaps there’s a significant external designs to bring the same amount of audio quality from previous HTC handset to the new and upcoming 10, or there might be some form of software enhancements that brings BoomSound to the company’s flagship. But as we analyzed the possibilities, we are leaning more to the former as these seemingly portrayed holes is more than just an evidence that BoomSound technology is far from staying out with the next flagship device.

Few leaks of the alleged HTC M10 doesn’t show any of these holes around the M10’s alleged renders but there’s also one thing to note that those leaks could be fake or that the holes aren’t as much as prominent as it was before. As HTC throws in more minute delays about the next flagship, we’re also building more questions about the handset and eventually makes us more excited as April 12 is fast approaching..

More news about HTC’s M10 and any information that associates with the upcoming handset should be covered here as soon as they get online, so stay tuned.