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HTC unveiled the new Exodus 1: A phone designed to actually keep your Crypto-currency safe

cjmagowan  —  3 months ago ( Oct 25, 2018 )    |    Mobile, Technology

The first ever device that’s design for bitcoin miners and traders is here: The new Exodus 1 from HTC. The company already announced the so-called blockchain phone back in May and this time they are finally bringing it to the consumers. What’s really unique with the new smartphone is that it can’t be bought by typical means as they can only be purchased using crypto-currencies. Currently the new HTC Exodus 1 can be bought for BTC 0.15 or ETH 4.78.

It comes with a built-in Zion Crypto-Wallet which is developed by HTC that turns the device into a virtual E-Wallet for Crypto-currency. It uses a specialized level of security that keeps your cryptographic keys hidden from untrusted and unsecured parts of the underlying OS and that includes the apps within the phone.

In case when the phone is lost or stolen. It promises to keep your Crypto-wallet secured using a Social Key Recovery known in the Blockchain world as Sharding. With this mechanism. It requires users to pick a number of trusted people to recreate the keys to reactive the wallet.

It also runs dApps or decentralized apps runs simultaneously across devices that doesn’t require server-side intervention to work. This ensure that data from this devices are not shared unencrypted online and that results or data from these apps are trusted and cannot be tampered.

Going by the phone, HTC is yet to spill all the beans regarding the new Exodus 1. But for its specs, the new handset has a semi-transparent back cover or at least on one of its variants and is powered by Snapdragon 845 chipset along its 6GB of RAM with 128GB of storage. It runs Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box with its built-in 3500 mAh battery.

It has dual cameras on the back with one being a 16 Megapixel and another with a 12 Megapixel imaging sensor with LED flash. On the front, you’ll get an 8 Megapixel front-facing camera which can be used to take Selfies and make video calls with other traders.

The newly unveiled handset is set to make its first market appearance by December this year and are to be limited with blockchain traders or virtual currency owners but hopefully this will open more people to become aware about the existence of virtual currency.