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HP’s Elite X3 successor could be powered by Android, rumors claim

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Aug 12, 2017 )    |    Computing, Mobile

HP’s Elite X3 may just be one of the best Windows 10 Mobile device in the market but let’s face it, Windows 10 Mobile itself struggles to make a footprint for itself in the market that is vastly dominated Android and iOS. Despite the premium hardware and fairly sleek operating system, getting the Elite X3 is one risky attempt to get into the game where its underlying OS has virtually non-existent market share and that hefty price tag it carries that turned off customers.

However the Elite X3 is not primarily for the mass market but instead for the corporate personnel and elites in which despite its corporate advantage, still it’s pretty hard to impress customers in the business. The HP Elite X3 exploits one promising feature in Windows and that’s Windows Continuum in which users are able to work on a virtually full desktop experience straight from a Windows 10 Mobile device. What’s keeping the OS from making its mark is the lack of third-party support and a seemingly closed source environment in Windows 10.

But if rumors are true, HP may have learned its lessons and is looking forward to take a different route for their Elite X3 successor. From a number of sources, HP is said to be experimenting with Android as the operating of choice for their next business oriented smartphone device. The company will continue to offer the same business-related services and features even if they would eventually move into a new environment, something that is a good decision for keeping up the company relevant for businesses.


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