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HP unveils the most advance Windows 10 mobile to date with the new HP Elite X3 for business

6-inch display, Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM, 64 GB storage, 2 TB microSD support, fingerprint and Iris scanner with full support for Windows Continuum
cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Feb 24, 2016 )    |    Computing, Featured, Gadgets, Mobile, Technology


When a mysterious HP Falcon Windows 10 Mobile device suddenly pop in the rumor mill experts were puzzled, with some speculated that the device could be from Microsoft and the codename could be one of Microsoft’s internal naming conventions as part of undisclosed devices. As you might have noticed, there were only a few of device manufacturers who went on to develop devices for Windows 10 Mobile. However, the mysterious handset were then confirmed by HP and that they will be unveiling the handset at today’s Mobile World Congress.

Two months have past since the rumor went through, HP is proud to present their first Windows 10 Mobile device that bears all of HP hard work to make a comeback in the Windows mobile business. Enter the new HP Elite X3, a Windows mobile device that Lumia fans are waiting for from Microsoft that didn’t came. It features all the best features of Windows 10 with full support for Windows Continuum feature for mobile devices.

The HP Elite X3 is a combination of three computing platforms, the computing power and productivity of a PC, tablet portability and smartphones best connectivity features into a single handheld device. Based on Windows 10, the Elite X3 can stand on its own and with Microsoft’s Continuum feature, the handset can turn into a working PC with a special dock that attached the handset, compatible display, keyboard and mouse, similar to those offered by Microsoft for their compatible Lumia devices.

The handset is primarily designed to do business, business users should find the HP Elite X3 more convenient as it comes with applications that we commonly see on our desktops, these applications are basically Microsoft’s Office software with functionality similar from those on a full-blown PC. Driving the software that gives the handset the advantage over other mobile operating systems is the powerful mobile processor inside made by Qualcomm with the latest 64-bit Snapdragon 820 chipset. The handset also comes with 4 GB of RAM and a hefty 64 GB of internal storage plus a memory expansion slot that could accept microSD cards of up to 2 TB.

Not only for business but entertainment as well with top of the line hardware, the HP Elite X3 could handle multimedia playbacks with ease with its 6-inch phablet display with QHD resolution. For photography, the handset features a 16 Megapixel main camera with LED flash and the front is supported by an 8 Megapixel sensor for Selfie and ultimately video call for personal and business needs. For audiophiles, HP includes a front mounted stereo speaker tuned by Bang & Olufsen andnoise canceling omnidirectional mics for better sound and voice clarity.

Connectivity is the primary reason for the handset and the big advantage this device is for business is the Dual-SIM support with 4G/LTE wireless connectivity support. Other standard connectivity features for smartphone devices are all in. It supports the latest USB Type-C standard and is what the optionally display dock is supporting as well.

In the world of business, security is important that’s why when HP built the Elite X3, they ensure that users are given the highest level of security a smartphone can give. The handset comes with a fingerprint sensor which has been widely used by mobile phone manufacturers as a primary biometric feature for smartphone devices, HP goes beyond with an inclusion of an Iris scanner on phones. though the said feature isn’t present with the handset’s demo unit at MWC 2016, HP will be including the scanner for the retail units.

powering the device is the large 4150 mAh non-removable battery that also supports fast wireless charging and with a USB Type-C port, users should find it easy to charge their device through wires and charges the battery more faster as well.

Together with the new Elite X3 announcement, HP also announces a number of devices and accessories that works with the new handset. These gadgets are optional and is designed to fully optimize and utilize the capacity of the Elite X3.

Mobile Extender


The HP Mobile Extender is basically a 12.5-inch notebook display complete withkeyboard and trackpad, though it looks like a standalone laptop at first glance, the device only works with the Elite X3 attached with all data stored unto the handset and not on the mobile extender.

Display Dock


Always working on the go without the heavy baggage, the Elite X3’s optional Display dock gives the users the PC working experience using the handset. It comes with a number of ports including an DisplayPort, two USB-A ports and one USB-C port and a wired ethernet port.

While HP unveiled the device and its optional accessories, the company is yet to announced the exact date of availability of the handset and its accessories but HP promised to have these out by summer with prices to be announced later on.