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HP partners with designer Michael Bastian to create your not so typical Smartwatch

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Nov 04, 2014 )    |    Gadgets


Good Smartwatch design is a tricky lengthy task that requires expertise in design and user experience that’s why HP seek out help from professional designer Micheal Bastian to design the Smartwatch for them. The result is the new MB Chronowing which resembles a conventional manly watch that looks rather different from the smartchwatches that we have today.

Instead of a geeky feel, the MB Chronowing spells professional confidently. From the full stainless steel housing, the MB Chronowing is a fully functional smartwatch in a more conventional design that pairs seamlessly with either iOS or Android devices where users can read email/texts, get notifications, sync calendar and alarms, tell the weather perhaps and even control the music player on the paired device.

Unlike the wearable devices from LG, Samsung, Motorola or Asus, the MB Chronowing uses its own proprietary software and doesn’t use a touchscreen interface, instead it went on with traditional buttons to navigate around the monochrome display but that seems not a bad thing as the smartwatch itself is a device to notify or get the user informed from their other agendas in a more discreet and elegant way.

The MB Chronowing will be available at starting November 7. Available in two variants; the Black limited-edition model which is equipped with Sapphire glass and an alligator strap for %649, the other variant comes in a stainless steel finish with a little less expensive parts to keep the cost down to $349 and includes three interchangeable straps: a perforated leather, an oliver green nylon and a black rubber strap.