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Honda announces the 10th generation Honda Civic for 2016

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Sep 17, 2015 )    |    Transportation


Trying to get out from the shadows of its predecessor, the all new 10th generation Honda Civic is about to change all the perspective of the former flagship bearer with a more aggressive stance, better exterior design that we no longer call it your grandfather’s car. The short-lived 9th generation Honda Civic which only saw its way for only 3 years than the usual 5 year cycle was heavily criticized by both customers and critics. Most were not happy about Honda’s decision from utilizing an aging exterior design despite the high-packed technologically advanced package on the inside.

By Honda’s all new 2016 Civic finally addressed all the failures that it had with their 9th-gen Civic and now present a forward-looking, present day design and added an even more advanced technologies on the new sedan.  The front features a new headlights with a highly prominent chrome grill. The top now features an almost a fastback-like roofline which is a major departure from the current Civic’s three-box look. On the sides, the new arches on the front wheel gives the new Civic a sportier look while at the back the tail lights are given a major makeover.

As the exterior were given a freshly new design and polygons, the interior has also been given an impressive update, though the plastic parts all seem to stay as they were, what’s more important is what Honda added to the already futuristic Civic interior. The main attraction on the inside is the center console where the 7-inch touchscreen display is attached, this is available from the EX trim and up and is driven by an Android-based operating system similar to the one found on the Pilot and this supports Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay. The Dashboard now sport traditional gauges on a TFT display while this comes out digital, the new Civic no longer feature the multi-tiered instrument panel from the previous two models.

As for the engine, Honda still haven’t expressed anything at the moment about the new Civic’s power plant but for a start, there’s a 2.0-Liter, naturally aspirated, VTEC four-cylinder engine, then there will be a turbocharged 1.5-Liter variant and a couple of CVT variants. Still no news about a manual tranny but it’s expected to be announced later or something that is probably coming out as well.

Honda will give more information about the 10th generation Civic including the complete variant and trims available as it hits retailers this fall.