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HMD Global to announce a new Nokia X brand on April 27

cjmagowan  —  9 months ago ( Apr 17, 2018 )    |    News

We got new details on what Nokia is up to lately, though they haven’t utter a word just yet globally but Finnish company HMD Global is set to unveil a new Nokia X in China. This has been confirmed though a billboard in one of their theaters in the country.

The poster projects a huge and dominating “X” character in the middle formed by a two unfamiliar phones along with the dates on when the mysterious brand of handset would be unveiled.

The Nokia X branding isn’t new in the market, If one would remember, Nokia launched the Nokia X as the first Android-based Nokia device in the market which was heavily skinned to look like just the Windows-powered devices back then.

We believed that unlike in the past, the new “X” moniker will not be a classic or an entry-level of some sort but something that of a premium model. Experts are even torn between the new Nokia moniker and how does it mean. One side of the coin tells that it could be regarded as 10 as in tenth of the current Nokia naming conventions, the others are telling us that is not the case and that the X stands for something premium like those found on other brands.

What ever Nokia has in store for the Nokia X branding, one fact is true and is that HMD Global will announce the new handset on April 27. Whether they’d be of a mid-range model or a high-end one, the “X” always set an undying force that would certainly capture the mind and heart of customers.