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HMD Global Oy announced the new Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 feature phones

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Jul 18, 2017 )    |    Mobile

In addition to Nokia’s current feature phone lineup, HMD Global Oy adds two new handsets in the roster with the new Nokia 105 and the Nokia 130. Both device are ergonomically designed for calls and texting with Nokia’s trusted long-lasting battery on board.

Nokia 105

If you are looking for the cheapest Nokia you can get then the Nokia 105 should be on your priority. Nokia already had the same 105 model name before it but the new version packs a larger 1.8-inch screen housed in a small and ergonomic candy bar design. It also features an island keymat arrangement designed for texting and dialing.

The handset doesn’t have all the stellar features from the more expensive feature phones in the market, but it comes with an FM Radio tuner for music and news listening. For its small size and its included 800 mAh removable battery, the Nokia 105 promises up to 15 hours of talk time and almost a month of standby time.

Nokia 130

The Nokia 130 takes everything that the Nokia 105 can do plus more with some extra features that makes the Nokia 130 unique in its own ways. It has the same 1.8-inch display as the Nokia 105 but it has a slightly larger 8MB internal memory and that doesn’t end there as it supports microSD cards of up to 32GB in capacity.

One would ask why is Nokia or HMD Global bothers to include a microSD card slot for such a basic device? The answer to that question lies on what the Nokia 130 has in store for us. For one the handset packs a simple yet effective camera on the back and in addition to its built-in FM Radio, the handset also includes an MP3 Player for you to take your music everywhere you go. It also features bluetooth connectivity for wireless music playback and wirelessly place and receive calls.

Another cool thing about the Nokia 130 is its larger 1020 mAh battery which should be able to reach up to 44 hours of continuous FM radio music playback with a month-long standby time. Funky as it seems, the new Nokia 130 handset comes with a variety of color options with a glossy polycarbonate shell and a matching body-colored keymat with matte finish.

Both devices will include a built-in flashlight on top and both comes with Nokia S30+ OS with Snake Xenzia on board. They will be both available in Single and Dual SIM variants.

As for the price, the Nokia 105 Single SIM comes the cheapest at just $14.5 and its dual SIM version at $15. As for the Nokia 130, this handset will cost $21.5