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HMD Global now in control of future Nokia Android devices expected to debut in 2017

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Dec 02, 2016 )    |    News


And so it begins, starting today HMD Global Oy will take over the Nokia phone division with its exclusive 10 year and onward license agreement to produce Nokia-branded devices notably smartphones and tablets which will be the main focus of the firm for their future Nokia devices. Nokia as the owner of the brand and intellectual property rights will be collecting royalty payments from HMD for each Nokia device it produces.

In addition to this, Nokia is also partnering with FIH Mobile (a subsidiary of Foxconn) to produce and market Nokia-branded feature phones. With this partnership, there will be two companies that would produce Nokia devices which isn’t the case with the Nokia that we had in the past. This will make two hardware producers to focus on one specific type of devices and with Nokia’s robust quality control, we customers should be able to get the same reliable and quality handset that made Nokia handsets the most valuable piece of hardware in the mobile market.

This will also leave HMD Global to put their sole attention on Nokia smartphones and we’re very sure that it will be an Android powered devices for Nokia this time, something that most Nokia fans looked forward to. In fact, HMD Global is now operating part of Nokia’s website on which promises a new smartphone coming in 2017, while the site is generally a teaser, it also showcases Microsoft produced Nokia feature phones which now has been handed to FIH Mobile. Rumors suggests that Nokia will unveil two smartphone devices at MWC 2017 by February next year alongside with Nokia feature phones.