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HMD Global brings back the Nokia 3310 with color display and a month of standby time

It comes with fun colors too and of course there is Snake on board.
cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Mar 02, 2017 )    |    Featured, Mobile

Nokia’s iconic device of the early 2000 the 3310 has been revived with the latest phone features. Like its predecessor, the handset comes with its nostalgic candybar form factor complete with its full-sized numeric keypad. What’s rather new to the 2017 3310 model is that it now comes with a color display and also a camera on the back.

The iconic design of the Nokia 3310 is retained in the design but there’s an update to the display which now is in color with borders that complement the whole aesthetics. This is what Nokia teased about joining the Nokia 150 features with 3310’s design and the result isn’t only cute but stunning and functionality-wise, it has all there is for a modern feature-phone device.

The new 3310 also got its own camera with 2 Megapixel sensor on the back and is supported by a single LED flash. Next to the camera, is the device’s loudspeaker.

Next, this is Nokia 3310 best-selling point, the battery, Nokia/HMD claims a 22-hour talk time for the new handset with a month of standby time. It boots a custom Nokia Series 30+ OS and includes everyone’s favorite game, Snake. Snake has been improved though and is now in full color and comes with a distinct and improve graphics.

So, with the new Nokia 3310, users will get the same feel on the original with its polycarbonate shell and in fun colors and of course there’s the Nokia ringtone. It has a dual SIM slots and connects to a 2G network. This might not be for everyone as some regions have already switched to 3G network but for third countries and other regions where 2G networks is still under operation, the Nokia 3310 will bring not only the familiar feel of the feature-phone legacy but also the simplicity of just talking and connecting with everyone else the old way.

The Nokia 3310 will have a retail price of 39 Euro which translates for about 3,600 Php and is expected around the second quarter of 2017. Users may choose from Bright Red, Yellow, Dark Blue and Grey. It will be available worldwide most especially on third-world countries, Nokia is talking to different carriers on major cities on the west to support the network needed for feature-phones such as the Nokia 3310 and the recently announced Nokia 150.