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Harley-Davidson confirms own Electric Motorcycle in the next five years

Project Livewire is only the beginning
cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 12, 2017 )    |    News, Transportation

Consumers are now starting to embrace electric vehicles particularly with cars. Motorcycles on the other hands are hesitant to accept the technology, but motorcycle companies are now looking for opportunities available with electrical machines.

Harley-Davidson, a staple in motorcycles industry recently unveils its Livewire prototype, an electric driven power cycle and is set to make up the future of electric motorcycle for the company. The new prototype was unveiled at the company’s 100th year founding anniversary.

Bill Davidson, company’s Vice President and the great-grandson of the company’s founder revealed that the company is looking forward with electric motorcycles in the next five years and plans to produce at least a hundred new motorcycles including Electric driven motorcycles within the span of 10 years.

With Electric driven motors, the company won’t be able to reproduce its signature engine sound from its traditional combustion-engines, but Bill assures everyone that the company is working on a unique sound that its motorcycle will be making that should become a signature E-Bike sound for Harley-Davidson. As Bill would describe it, a sound like a jet fighter.

As vehicles, becoming more autonomous, Harley-Davidson sees opportunities in the market not because it embraces the technology totally but enthusiasts looking for pure power, traditional powertrain and the nonequivalent motorcycle experience that only a fuel-powered motor engine could deliver.