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Google unleashed Android P Beta 4 to beta testers using Pixel’s , Pixel 2’s and the Essential PH-1 Phones

cjmagowan  —  7 months ago ( Jul 29, 2018 )    |    News

Google is nearing its final phase of its Android 9.0 Development with its Developer Preview 5 or its Beta 4 software now being seeded to Google Pixel, Pixel 2 devices which is the next version of Android that is available for Public testing. Just soon after Google finally have the brand new OS on its update servers, the Essential PH-1 came soon after.

The new update brings most of the necessary polishing for the upcoming OS before it gets released into the public and is at its Release Candidate status which means that everything that runs on the OS is what to be expected for the final version including its official Android P API’s.

The new update is currently seeded to compatible Google smartphone devices and users can either download the official ROM with version PPP5.180610.010 through OTA update or as a factory image from Google Android update website.

While we’re towards the end of the beta program, the new Android 9 (P) with its family alphabetically sugary naming convention is yet to be revealed. Rumors and speculations suggest that the “P” could stand for “Pistachio” but it’s one of the first thing to come out in everyone’s mind but the final say should be coming from Google at any moment from here on.

The new Android P brings a lot of new API’s and under the hood improvements and optimization for the operating systems as well as new support for new navigation gestures and support for display-notch devices which also came to suggest that Google might include the dreaded feature in the upcoming Pixel 3.