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Google to launch a mid-range Pixel smartphone in India

cjmagowan  —  10 months ago ( Apr 04, 2018 )    |    News

At the moment, Google only has the Pixel 2’s that rivals all other flagships from Apple, Samsung and other top players in the market. And as you might have known already, Google isn’t doing great with the Pixel 2 right now even though it has the best implementation of dual-camera features on a single sensor.

There no better way for Google to move into other alternatives of the high-end market but by going down a notch which isn’t really a bad thing actually.  However. keep in mind though that the mid-range is quite populated with numerous number of companies trying to bring their best into the market with  features almost eclipsing even those found on high-end devices.

And with the ever-growing smartphone market in India and the potential of the mid-range market in the region and certainly in other parts of the world. According to four industry executives, Google is gearing up for a more aggressive mode in India which includes expansion of consumer products and of course bringing more affordable mobile devices.

According to one of four executives, Google will be launching its new mid-range phone on the second half of the year while the new Pixel phone and the new Pixelbook should come out later. Currently the Pixel 2 is the cheapest smartphone that you can get from Google but still the price of it does follow the course of a high-end device which only a few good customers could afford. Though many would have love to have a Google phone but budget constraints play a major role on customers that Google should address if they want to grab a significant number of shares on the market.

The new mid-range Google phone should be expected to hit the market by August of this year while the next version of Google Pixel will hit the shelves by November keeping its launch traditions in place.