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Google rolls out YouTube Material design UI to the desktop, improvements to its mobile apps

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Aug 30, 2017 )    |    Computing, Entertainment, News

For twelve long years, YouTube evolved over the years from its humble beginnings into a primary service for any videos. Over 400 minutes of videos are approximately uploaded into YouTube servers and imagine just how vast the system and service were for everybody. With a massive multimedia content database, user interface would prominently be of concern for ever-changing sites such as YouTube.

Back in May, Google announced that YouTube would be undergoing a user interface (UI) changes adopting its latest Material Design elements, the UI changes weren’t available to everybody but can be accessed by a few who opted for an early experience about the changes. Moving forward and Google is now rolling out these new design to all desktop users across the world.

The new design elements still has the familiar looks and arrangement but it meant to keep the interface clean and straightforward with emphasis on what matters most for users and that’s “content”. Having that content at the center of the interface with less clutter, for us users that’s giving us a better experience but what’s even more useful about these changes is the added Dark Mode.

By default, the YouTube user interface is plainly white and with the Dark Mode features, users can switch to a darker – a black interface for that matter which really looks cool on videos that we are watching by making them to stand out from the rest of the contents. Basically a nifty feature for those who aren’t fond with full screen playback and it even work more immersive when watching videos on Cinema mode, with less white colors around means less distraction on the videos that we’re watching.

Besides these changes on the desktop, Google also updated its YouTube Apps on mobile devices which enhances our viewing experience. Contents are in focus while its navigation buttons are moved to the bottom of the app to work perfectly together with the thumbs. there’s also the new playback speed options and new gesture controls to give users more playback controls on the videos that they’re watching.

Another feature that’s coming to the YouTube app is the adaptive viewing window, whatever video format and sizes that users are viewing on-screen, the YouTube app can seamlessly provide the best viewing experience by changing the size of the player into the shape of the video format that we are watching.

And one last thing along with these changes, Google also updated the YouTube logo which is designed to adopt on any platform and on any screen size possible. The red TV-like figure that surrounds the Tube on YouTube, has moved to the left of the logo that gives the word YouTube a substance of its own while the YouTube icon now formally has its own essence which have already done its part doubling as the familiar play icon for YouTube videos.