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Google Photos app with Google Lens integration now available to all Android users

cjmagowan  —  10 months ago ( Mar 07, 2018 )    |    Entertainment, Mobile, Technology

Google teased its Google Lens last month which have been a part of Google Pixel devices as an exclusive feature a few months ago. Today, Google finally rolls out its Google Lens as an integrated part of the Photos App on Android.

With Google Lens, users can create contacts from a photo of a business card, get details on landmarks or extract text from a photo of a book’s page, it’s software algorithms can easily identify differences between objects and text and even show the links associated with the extracted details.

So, this is the new option from Google Photos app and tapping on it will launch Lens’s software that analyzes your photos. The feature might take a while for some as the update in rolling out in phase but most of Android users may already have this feature without them noticing as it was rolled out to some devices since late february and now the roll out is directed towards all other Android devices that still having had their Google Photos app updated.

While the update is already available for Android users, the tweet from above also implies that the feature will soon become available to iOS as well.