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Google officially released Android 9.0 as “Android Pie” on the Pixel and Pixel 2 devices

cjmagowan  —  7 months ago ( Aug 08, 2018 )    |    Featured, News

We’ve been testing out the new version of Android for some time already and it brought a lot of new features that makes mobile computing much easier and more smarter than ever before. While earlier on, we have speculated a lot of possible names for the 9th version of Android, the new mobile operating system is finally and officially given the name as Android Pie.

With the advancement in AI technology, mobile devices such as smartphones establishes a bond between devices and users through such technology. With AI, smartphones becomes a lot smarter, more intuitive, faster and even more personalized designed to meet every needs of the user.

There are a lot of things going on with the new version of Android and if we are going to have them here one by one, we could already make a book out of it. To to make things simple, here are a few Android 9.0 Pie features than will definitely push you forward from your daily routines.

Adaptive Brightness + Adaptive Battery

More than so often, we are more concerned with our device’s battery than anything else, as smartphones processing power increases and features piling up so does their power requirements. While manufacturers are finding out ways to cramp up an extra juice for our devices, Android on its part also has the measures to maximize them. Adaptive brightness is one and it has been around for quite some time already that automatically adjust our display depending on our lighting conditions they proved to be highly useful and effective. And then we now have Adaptive Battery feature which determine the battery usage of apps and manages their processing requirements and power consumption automatically in order to save power.

App Actions

Ever wondered an easiest way to get things done, Android 9.0 now has an App Actions features that adds a snippets of actions based on users recent activity. The system itself would predict what actions could be taken next and offers options right into the app drawer in-between the laid out apps. This features will enable users to act quicker and makes thing done sooner and easily with just a few taps.


There’s a whole lot of reasons why the Android 9.0 was named “Pie” and the this new feature would tell the tale. Searching has significantly made a lot easier in Android 9 with the addition of the feature called “Slice” which extracts data from user search queries and apps could add potential actions along with the search results. Take for example on booking your next Lyft ride, besides showing routes and charges, Slices can also enable users to book straight from the search results without launching the Lyft app itself.

New Gesture Navigation

As smartphone becomes more about screen and less about buttons, users today are more engaged on their display than on any other part of the device. Android had gone a long way on providing the an intuitive system navigation and it has long been prioritizing on-screen navigation for years. With Android 9.0, Google pushed the boundaries and introduces a new way to navigate.

Putting aside the three standard button navigation bar, Google now has the new Pill, a unified multi functional on-screen navigation button accompanied by a back button. With these two button navigation, the Android Pill button is the main star of the two which not just act as the home button, but also the button responsible for opening the app drawer, bring out the recent app list which now known as the Overview. it also allow user to switch between apps with a swipe and of course launches Google Assistant.

Notification Shade

Notification shade on the Android 9.0 Pie has change dramatically with a new set of circular icons and color schemes. We also have a new expanded preview for messages and smart reply options with the best multiple reply feature.

Digital Wellbeing

Google designed Android to be as productive as much as possible but with an increased amount of screen-on-time amongst users, Google also developed a feature for the new Android 9.0 Pie concerning the user’s health and wellbeing by providing a detailed dashboard that tells exacting the total amount of time that users spend on Apps. The dashboard also enables us to set App timers to restrict app usage to a certain amount of time. Wind Down also enables Night light and Do Not Disturb option and turn the display into grayscale to lower the amount of time one would spend on the phone before bed time.

While these features are intuitive, they are currently only available on Pixel Phones which can be downloaded from the Google Play store as a beta app. Later on, this feature will be available through other devices.

These are just some of the new features on the new Android 9.0 Pie, besides these, the new mobile operating system also brings a lot of enhancements on the camera, security and under the hood improvements that not just make the whole system more secure but also faster and a lot easier to use.

Android 9.0 Pie is now available on Google Pixel and Pixel 2 phones as well as on the Essential PH-1 phone.