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Google created an “Ebola-proof” Tablet to help battle the outbreak

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Mar 21, 2015 )    |    Health, Science, Technology


Fighting and resolving epidemics is a risking and time-consuming task for team who’s in the line of duty. In an ebola infected region in Sierra Leone for instance where a treatment facility was built to treat patient with the infection requires precautions to be doubled and tripled and tasks becomes very laborious even just by collecting the patients data.

Jay Char was part of the team from the Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) and uses the old school and traditional way of pen and paper to collect data from patients which are them handover to the next area where the collected data are encoded and then the paper were then burned as they are not allowed to slipped from the high-risk zone. As they do this everyday it becomes a burden and Char thought it could be alleviated on some sort so he phoned his colleague Ivan Gayton in their home office in London for help.

Gayton then called up Google which has a “Crisis Response Team” who then created a specialized tablet that does things that they wanted. The tablet is encased on a polycarbonate which can be soaked on Chlorine for decontamination. Which enables the team on site to collect data and even access to other information which isn’t possible before because of previous limitations. It can even be decontaminated and be brought outside of the high-risk zone and further work on the tablet.

Instead of handing sheets of paper on the other side of the facility, the team within the restricted area can now send their data directly on their site central server which were previously ran by a motorcycle battery. Things now are more convenient as the facility’s server are equipped with their own Li-Ion batteries which can be recharged with a portable generator.

Google and Médecins Sans Frontières is currently making the system as “Open Source” to also help other outbreaks and can even be utilized in research studies and other functions where the system is applicable and practical.