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Google Assistant now available to iPhone users

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 18, 2017 )    |    Computing, Gadgets, Mobile, News, Technology

Google opens its annual I/O event for 2017 will remarkable milestone for Google services. One of which is the company’s own AI assistant simply known as Google Assistant that becomes available to iPhone users beginning today.

Unlike its Android counterpart though, Google Assistant on iOS would have a limited functionality, this has something to do API restrictions that Apple imposes on its own platform for apps. Because of this, the AI assistant could only perform basic tasks at least for now such as sending messages or playing a music selected from Spotify.

And because of restrictions, Google won’t be able to implement its peculiar “OK Google” activation phrase to launch the assistant and instead, users will have to launch the Google Assistant app manually before it could do its thing. That’s because also for iOS, remapping the home button to accept other functionality is not allowed on the OS and that only Siri has the exclusivity to utilize its feature.