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Globe announces first eSIM support in the Philippines

cjmagowan  —  2 months ago ( Nov 06, 2018 )    |    News, Technology

With new devices supporting eSIM or embedded Subscribers Identification Module, carriers are around the globe are now starting to support this technology into their service. Here in the Philippines, Globe telecom announces is support for eSIM making it the first Wireless in the country to do so.

eSIMs are built into mobile and wearable devices that Carriers can sync user data into these embedded virtual SIMs and automatically activates them just like any regular physical SIM’s.

One of the first devices that uses such feature is the Apple iPhone X and the new iPhone XS series together with the new Apple Watch and just recently, Huawei included eSIM support on its own smart Watch which now widens the worldwide market portfolio of eSIM supporting devices.

With that, Globe is now running vigorous eSIM testing on these devices and by the end of the year, the Philippine carrier will offer QR cards to customers with eSIM support to activate their virtual SIM on their device.