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Galaxy S6 edge+ price seemingly confirmed, starts at 799.99 euros

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Jul 31, 2015 )    |    News


August 13 is Samsung’s next UNPacked event where they would unveil the next Galaxy Note device. While expecting for the Galaxy Note 5 to show up, it’s now confirmed that the event would also include the début for the Galaxy S6 edge+ handset and with their worldwide release already in the pipeline, many have ask if how the upcoming Galaxy S6 edge+ would cost them. Many have speculated that it might be around the same price as the current Galaxy S6 edge while others believes that Samsung would get all current flagship devices a price cut to make way for the new flagship devices. Most of these rumors are true and in fact they hold almost the same accuracy at most.

As SamMobile’s insiders has claimed, The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ would cost around 799.99 euros or roughly around $880 in the US for the 32 GB model. Samsung had already confirmed that it’s giving all existing Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge a price cut to maintain its sales momentum. So we are expecting Samsung to at least give the existing Galaxy S6 edge (more pricier from the two variants) a 100 euros discount to make way for the Galaxy S6 edge+ to enter the market.

While the insider brought out the Galaxy S6 edge+ pricing, it also hinted that the handset would go on sale starting on August 21st. While it didn’t mention on which market would get the handset first. As far as we know in the past, it should become available in areas where the Samsung brand is dominant. More for the upcoming Galaxy S6 edge+ in the next few days as we’re just living the month of July and finally see the first day of August by tomorrow. Stay tuned.