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Future contraception for males will only be a matter of a switch

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Jan 11, 2016 )    |    Health


The pressure of contraception is always in women with pills devices and even medical procedures, but as technologies improved, humans developed condoms to prevent sperm from sending off from the male counterparts egg to conceive another life. Like surgical procedure in females, medicine also developed a procedure called vasectomy for males in which a small surgical procedure is carried out to (usually) permanently inhibit the male sperm from combining with semen during ejaculation.

However, a promising concept developed by inventor Clemens Bimek with his Bimek SLV project believes it could make an alternative contraception in males with just a flipped of a switch. It still requires a small surgical procedure but it isn’t permanent, the procedure itself will only need to install a tiny switchable valve implant which looks like a miniature light switch that could prevent the sperm from combining with semen.Despite the promising implication to modern family planning, the whole procedure itself isn’t just for everyone as it cost $5,460 per procedure but the implant will greatly help in deciding when to  have a baby.

The new implant is still subject to clinical trials and if it passes, the new procedure could launch as early at 2018. While the implant itself helps regulate pregnancy, it doesn’t protect a person from getting STD’s so if doubt comes in your mind, old school alternatives with condoms is still the best way to go.