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Flash your Samsung device manually via Odin

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jan 11, 2015 )    |    Featured, Guides

Getting a Samsung Android device means that you’ll be surrounded with numerous custom ROM’s to customize the device or regular official updates from Samsung itself, sometimes these updates are either delayed or in some cases are region specific, there are also instances that device updates are already available but delayed because the device that users have is carrier locked or users just needed to reflash the device for some reasons. Whatever the case maybe, users could either wait for the update to be available via Over-The-Air (OTA) or manually install the update themselves through a special application on the PC via Odin or other similar software. Since updating your Samsung device via OTA will only require the device to automatically check for updates from the central server, what we’re about to take is how to update your Samsung device manually using the device official ROM.


// Prerequisites

Backup all personal, applications and system data

Make sure your device has enough battery power to perform the update, experts recommend at least 70% battery left for every Samsung device

Install all necessary USB drivers for your device on the PC

Enable USB Debugging mode on your device (Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging)

Get ROM/Firmware ready from a reputable source

 Note !

Performing a manual update on your Android powered Samsung device via Odin will replace everything that your device has including all custom ROM, settings and even third-party backup data and software.

// Procedure

  1. Backup all personal, apps and system data and the enable your device’s USB debugging mode.
  2. Download your device firmware from, once done you should extract the file on a folder where you could easily select the firmware file for your device with a .md5 file extension.
  3. Download Odin, extract the contents from the recently downloaded Odin .zip file and run Odin as an Administrator.
  4. Shutdown your device and boot into Download Mode by pressing your device [ Power Button ] + [ Volume Down ] + [ Home ] Key simultaneously, your device should boot and will bring a warning screen, press the [ Volume Up ] key to enter Download Mode
  5. Connect your Samsung device to the PC and after a few moments Odin should detect your device


When connected, you should see the something like this, It’s easy to spot and confirm that your device is successfully sync with Odin as the app will output Added!! on the message box.

  1. Make sure that you will only select [Auto Reboot] and [F. Reset Time] from the Option menu.
  2. Click the [  AP  ] button from the On the File [Download] box and select your device .md5 file from the recently downloaded and extracted firmware.


  1. When you are ready, click the [   Start   ] button from Odin to start flashing.
  2. When done, you should see PASS! on top part of Odin and in a few moments your device should automatically reboot.


  1. When you see the Samsung logo on your device, you can now unplug the device from the PC and continue the setup process on your device. After getting past the Setup process for the new firmware, head over to Settings and check your about phone/tablet status to confirm that your are now running the firmware that you’ve just installed.


In cases that Odin will display Fail! instead of Pass!: Unplug your device and remove the battery, after 10 or so seconds, put back the battery and enter Recovery mode and do data wiping/ factory reset, go back and carefully redo the procedures listed above, when done, reboot the device and you should see the device boot into Android.

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