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Facebook’s new tool combats impersonators and scammers through “Profile Picture Guard”

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jun 24, 2017 )    |    Entertainment, News

Privacy is a major concern when we go online especially with our social media accounts, that’s why Facebook has launched its own tools for users to combat privacy issues, fraud or any other malicious misuse of our information, one of which is our simple profile picture where in its simplest term, it turns out that it has a large impact from keeping our private lives private.

Launched initially in India in partnership with Centre for Social Research, Learning Links Foundation, Breakthrough and Youth Ki Awaaz,  Facebook is now making profile pictures of users more secure by disabling other users from grabbing, using and sharing our Facebook profile pictures through messaging. It also disallowed people not on the users friends list to tagged or associate their profile to a user profile picture. Users will know that their profile picture is protected as it will show a blue border and a shield below the picture.

Facebook would also disable taking screenshots of profile pictures on Facebook which is currently available on Social Network’s Android app but eventually will roll out to other platforms as well.

Besides these new features mentioned, Facebook will also enable users to add designs or graphics to profile pictures to further discourage other people with the intent to use a profile picture from someone else. Facebook can then use these graphics overlay on profile pictures to determine any misuse or unauthorized use of profile picture when a complaint is raised and the social media network will then take an immediate actions regarding the matter.

To enjoy the new feature, users will have to activate the feature from their profile photo menu settings. While these new security features are initially available in India, Facebook plans to have these implementation available in other regions pretty soon.