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Facebook Messenger gets tidy up, rolling out this week

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 19, 2017 )    |    Entertainment, News

Facebook finally figured out that its Messenger App is a mess and needs some cleaning. The Social Media network will be rolling out its latest Messenger update which ironed out everything in visual terms. Previous updates showed us what the Messenger is capable of but the upcoming update will focus on ease of use and better user experience.

New changes comes mainly from the Home screen where one would notice how Facebook organized them. Getting along with messages, who’s online or get around with your groups is easy with tabs. They are plainly arranged so you’ll readily find them as you make your searches.

The bar at the bottom still houses all the usual shortcuts to Home screen, make calls, take pictures or do videos with the camera button, search for people and play games. Sooner, Facebook will also add a Discover Tab to this bar when the feature in release. Finally, never missed what’s going on with Red dots, a simplified visual cues to help users catch up something that they’ve missed.

The new update will be rolling out sometime this week and will be available to Android and iOS users.