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Facebook is rolling out a new Messenger update that adds an improved camera with special effects, 3D masks and art

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Dec 16, 2016 )    |    Entertainment, Mobile

As Facebook becomes the standard platform of our daily online communication, its mobile messaging app is shifting from the usual text an emoji’s to a more immersive and lively photos and video sharing form of communication. With every update that the Facebook Messenger receives, the online chatting platform becomes more and more like Snapchat in some ways, but Facebook who now ownsSnapchat reserves an exclusive features for either platform though they may share an almost the same experience, yet there is something unique from either apps that separates them together.

The latest incarnation of the Facebook Messenger app whether you’re on Android or iOS will be a lot like Snapchat whether we like it or not, given that the developer of both apps seems to sit on the same location, it’s hardly for them not to share idea and eventually share similar features that will benefit users.

The newest addition to the Messenger is the new and improved camera, a faster and easier to use built-in camera feature that makes impromptu shot more personal with the camera button visibly available anytime up front from the app where users can also activate in just a tap. During a conversation, the camera is as ready as you are anytime for you to take a photo and share it to your friends. Not only that, long-pressing the camera button instantly takes a video of yourself for a more lively experience.

Apart from the camera, the new update for the Messengers also includes a number of new features and enhancement by bringing art and special effects. including new live 3D Masks where you could add live effects to your Selfies in real-time. There’s also a new addition of new stickers, masks, frames and other effects to decorate your photos. All of these are in collaboration with different artists from around the world for us to use their special expertise in design and artistic experiences.

And finally, for those of us who uses the Messenger for text messaging, The app offers a new palette icon by the shutter which push us through a blank canvass where we could add stickers to them and make text messaging so much fun.

The update will be rolling out in phase and should become available for your device in no time so keep connected and let the app do the rest.