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Facebook announced its own dating platform

cjmagowan  —  9 months ago ( May 03, 2018 )    |    Entertainment, News

Facebook is already reigning supreme in the social media space but that seems not enough for the growing platform. In addition to is main social networking platform, Facebook at its annual F8 Conference announced a new Dating platform and simply calls it Facebook Dating.

The new dating platform will be built directly into its mobile app but the profiles are separate from the users main profile., activities within the dating platform wont be shown in user’s profile, so it’s safe to say at least that, one could keep owns activity from everyone else.

Using Facebook’s existing algorithm, Potential matches will be based on several factors including mutual friends on the social network. The service is yet to go public as testing will begin later this year. With a plethora of dating sites now available online, would you give Facebook a try?