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EA soft launched a new The Sims Mobile game in Brazil, global launch expected next

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 11, 2017 )    |    Entertainment

As a man at his early 20’s, I’ve come across with The Sims at its very early years in PC gaming market. The popularity of the game rose at the top charts for its gender under Electronic Arts. Over the years, the game franchise evolved tremendously and has adopted several platforms.

It seems like EA was busy on something else that left The Sims fans with The Sims 4 installment but that doesn’t seem bad at all and it could just be the last version of The Sims as EA now monetized the game and went online for a massive community. Surprisingly for those that crave the nostalgia of what Sims was in the past, EA soft-launched the new The Sims Mobile in Brazil will the same game formula and environment that we’ve enjoyed during the time on the PC, it will be based on Legacy Challenge from The Sims 4 and should be pretty easy.

As it seems to be the case, the games in available exclusively in Brazil, but it should not take for long for EA to launch the new game globally in the next few months.

The all new The Sims Mobile comes with a familiar gameplay from its PC counterpart. Create your perfect Sim and nurture them to become a better Sim, build your own house, make a family and interact with other Sims online.

EA promised to bring more social features into the game including the ability to throw parties or attend one from your friends and get involved in the community.

As we’ve already said, the game is limited in Brazil but we also have an option to side load the game at least for Android, all you need to do is search them online and you should know  what you are doing and who doesn’t mind taking any risk. The game is both available on Google Play and iOS.