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DOST’s new project pushes free public Wi-Fi access in public places across the Philippines starting this July

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Mar 21, 2015 )    |    News, Technology


Wi-Fi or at one point in time “Wireless Fidelity” is a local area networking technology that allows electronic devices to hook-up on a computer network using either a UHF or equivalent. It also became a common term in today’s devices as most of the handheld and portable devices that we have today are built with Wi-Fi modules that enable users to connect to the internet. It is also an acceptable portal and access to information in homes, business offices and even on public places.

The Wi-Fi network technology becomes so widely spread and have done so much in people’s lives that the Department Of Science and Technology (DOST) has proposed a free access to public Wi-Fi Hotspots across the country. Places that the DOST planned to install a Public Wi-Fi hotspots includes: parks, schools, government offices, hospitals, piers and airport terminal with an average speed of 256 kbps.

The proposed public service will be part of development of DOST to empower the public and give free access to information especially coming from the government – According to NTC Director Edgardo Cabarrios. However, to minimize abuse from the free W-Fi service, there will be data capping to be implemented much like the one we have with our local telcos added Cabarrios.

Though the planned service would be proven beneficial to the public especially on schools in rural areas where access to information is scarce but with the new service could now be access by students more easily, it could also become a simple and effective alternative to expensive long distance calls. But before the project could be implemented, our IT experts believe that the government must consider our countries geographical features and mostly the internet speeds that we have in our country as of the moment. It’s quite evident that the Philippines isn’t one of the countries in the world with fast internet connection and it would be practical for the government to work on improve that part before engaging in a nationwide internet connection archipelago project.

You might be thinking that this promising project seems impossible to implement, but the government is dead serious about it and since it would require a huge amount of resources to begin with, DOST and other government sectors concerned will be having a bidding next month for possible partnership with private networking infrastructure providers to start the free Wi-Fi project hopefully by July this year.