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Cyanogen to continue providing support for OnePlus One in India

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( May 09, 2015 )    |    News


OnePlus One users in India should now have the feel of relief as the One handset will officially get the latest Cynogen 12 OS update. It has been a though ride for both the Cyanogen and OnePlus team in the India market after a said misunderstanding erupted in the country just a week after OnePlus had a major Launched for the One device in India. As Cyanogen signed with Micromax for exclusivity of the OS in India, this then conflicted with OnePlus which also shipped with the same OS for its One device for the Indian market which resulted into banning OnePlus devices to be sold in the country but weeks later the ban was lifted after the Indian court agreed with OnePlus that its product is positioned to be not in direct competition with Micromax’s.

The controversy left both OnePlus and Cyanogen to go into separate ways and the former has recently introduced a homegrown OS of its own tailored for the One and future OnePlus devices called the OxygenOS. But despite their conflicts, Cyanogen was dedicated to provide a continuing support for existing OnePlus One users and eventually with the recent developments in India, Micromax has withdrawn its lawsuit which then opens OnePlus One users in the country to be eligible for the Cyanogen 12 OS update via OTA.

“OnePlus remains vindicated of the recent trials and tribulations that has surrounded the company due to legal tussle with Micromax over exclusivity on CyanogenOS. We are happy to confirm that all ‘OnePlus One’ users in India will continue to receive OTA updates from Cyanogen in-line with our users in markets around of the world.”

-Vikas Agarwal, OnePlus General Manager in India

Though indian users can not freely download and update their One devices with the latest Cyanogen OS update and OnePlus will also seed its own Oxygen OS to users. While there are currently two available OS’es for the One device to choose from, it would be more likely that OnePlus Two, the rumored successor to the One device will eventually come with Oxygen OS pre-installed.

Image CreditDroid-life