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Benchmark results revealed the new iPad Pro 9.7-inch with underclocked processor and only 2 GB of RAM

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Mar 24, 2016 )    |    News, Technology

The new iPad Pro 9.7 is yet to come out on March 31 with pre-orders kicked off officially today. The upcoming tablet from Apple is said to target PC users as a primary replacement of their existing PC devices, with that, the iPad Pro 9.7 is said to perform almost the same functionality as your existing PC and might even be more powerful. That should sound convincing if we’re talking about 5 years old and above PC machines. And if you are still convinced that the iPad Pro 9.7 could even match a PC hardware then try to look at the latest results from Geekbench on an alleged iPad Pro 9.7 device.

Undoubtedly the new iPad Pro 9.7-inch is powerful enough to run every iOS app you can throw in but as the benchmark results shown, the smaller iPad Pro isn’t just its size that got smaller, the specs even got toned down as well, This might not be as highly downturning as it can be but knowing some of these specs been lower than its older sibling is more than an undermine for some users.


The 9.7-inch variant of the iPad Pro might be running the same A9X chipset as the 12.9-inch variant however, the smaller of the two is clocked lower at 2.16 GHz compared to the iPad Pro 12.9’s 2.24 GHz. The variations might just be 80 MHz but the iPad Pro 9.7’s scores are notably lower which corresponds to a little less you could expect from the Pro badge. For normal or appropriately standard users of the device, their processing speed difference doesn’t make much of a sense but for power users it sure does and that’s why benchmark sites and apps are there to tell us what we are getting from the device that we’re using as what sort of applications that it is capable to run.

From the CPU, another thing that becomes more obvious with the newest iPad Pro in the block is its RAM, it has always been a practice of Apple not to really discloseany information regarding the system RAM of their devices. Understandably, users would prefer to get informed about the storage space that an iOS device have. But with apps becoming more complicated and complex, power users are looking for specifics when it comes to the amount of data that a device could store in its memory while in operation.


When we got introduced to the new iPad Pro 9.7-inch, Apple did mention key specs of the device but the RAM, thanks to a benchmark result from Geekbench once again, the details of its RAM information is revealed as you can see from the images here, the iPad Pro 9.7 is given half the size of RAM amounting to 2 GB as compared to the 4 GB RAM of the iPad Pro 12.9 variant. Users might not care as much as power users would do about it but the amount of RAM that resides on a device determines the amount of Apps can be opened at once and the amount of data that it could store in its memory for faster retrieval while the device is running.

More RAM could also mean more faster processing time as the system would no longer have to seek the information required by the application from its storage space as it have the information ready from its current memory. However, iOS and iOS-based devices is fully optimized on working together so an average joe could not perceive any differences in speed and performance from either device unless you’re a developer or a geek where power is everything.

So, which iPad Pro devices would you prefer? the little less powerful but with a nice set of cameras within them or would you pick the one that’s bigger and is going to make you more productive and engaging?