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AtariVCS is the name of Atari’s upcoming console

cjmagowan  —  11 months ago ( Mar 20, 2018 )    |    Computing, Entertainment, News

Resurrecting a gaming console takes a lot of effort on managing a hype that once were in its era. Atari banks on that nostalgia to bring its gaming console efforts back into the limelight. However with delays looming around seems to have disintegrated that enthusiasm from fans with only teasers being around and not a working device itself.

It seems like Atari is really prepping up for something that they wished to perfect before getting the device out of the door, but fans of the once popular console are starting to get impatient and are demanding more substance to Atari’s promise than just a teaser. The company though is slowly showing up that it’s right on track on delivering the much awaited console to the market as it already showed up the consoles modern joystick controller at the Game Developers Conference last week.

Rumors are suggesting that Atari will eventually show up something this April and is expected to show a working prototype of the device including the eventual name of the device that’s being the AtariVCS, the name that takes it cues from the popular Atari 2600 Video Computer System.

Besides the absence of a working prototype, there’s no mention of games lineup that will work with the upcoming console but according to Atari that their objective is to announce the pre-order date in April. We’re also expecting  by that time, Atari will at least bring announce some titles as well to please fans, but of course the AtariVCS isn’t just about gaming, it’s about multimedia entertainment.