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Asus to launch Zenfone 3 by June, will continue to focus on the mid-range market

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( May 14, 2016 )    |    News


Just recently, Asus teased us for a special event set on May 30th were in fact the Taiwanese company is even showing a countdown timer for an anticipated event. The event is also taught to be inline with increasing instances of surging leaks with regards to Asus highly successful Zenfone line of devices. As the teaser countdown timer implies, there’s something special for the Zen community by the end of this month.

But as hopes were high for the upcoming event, the latest information coming from Asus CEO Jerry Shen says otherwise, like most of us thinks that a new Zenfone model would be unveiled on May 30, Mr. Shen now clarifies that the new Zenfone 3 will be unveiled later in June. That being said, what’s left for us to expect on the upcoming event then would be for other Zen series devices that might include a new ZenPad tablet, perhaps a ZenBook or the much awaited update to the ZenWatch. Though these are speculations, previous rumors says they are possible devices to be introduced in the event in which when referring to Asus CEO Shen’s latest arguments would tell us that the company might be holding a specific special event for the smartphone itself.

In addition to the information that we have now, CEO Shen also some bits and pieces of information about the upcoming handset. According to Asus CEO, the company’s focus for the next generation Zenfone would still be on the mid-range market but this time, the company might go into price adjustment schemes for the handset and that could possibly mean that the Zenfone 3 might cost a little more than the current generation Zenfone 2’s with the Zenfone 3 Max to make up the two-thirds of device shipments while one-third of which would come from the base model of the Zenfone 3’s.

Also worth noting is that Asus will be utilizing Qualcomm and MediaTek chipset for the Zenfone 3. If you’d remember correctly, most Zenfone and Zenfone 2 devices comes with Intel Atom chips however with Intel holding up its position on Mobile chipsets, Asus will have to look for alternatives and the most trustworthy solutions for such transition would be these two chip makers. According to Asus, 90 per cent of all Zenfone 3 devices will be powered by Qualcomm chipsets while the remaining 10 per cent will be handled with MediaTek chips inside them.