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ASUS latest teaser showing a Zenfone with dual-camera setup, to be unveiled at CES 2015

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Dec 22, 2014 )    |    News


ASUS posted a teaser video of a device on their Facebook page that is going to make a show on CES 2015. The event is getting to a close and every company is busy either teasing their upcoming devices or has already released a sort of statement on what to expect during the show which will launch in two weeks time.

The latest ASUS teaser shows a ZenFone with dual camera setup on the back. It’s still unclear if those cameras will be used for 3D photo effects or it might follow HTC’s footsteps which focuses on photo post-processing effects. ASUS was already rumored to debut a 5.5-inch Zenfone at CES, as everyone are still speculating, still it’s unclear if the recent teaser has some connections to previous rumors or not, and that’s yet to be seen as the company kicks-off it’s unveiling event this coming January 6 at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.