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Asus fitness-centric VivoWatch could last up to 10 days in a single charge

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Apr 15, 2015 )    |    Gadgets


The Asus ZenWatch was one of the beautiful and got a highly positive review among the wearable devices but like any other smartwatch of today, the device is plague by the unpractical poor battery life. That’s why Asus tossing another round of wearable device but this time instead of an Android Wear powered wearable, Asus will opt for something lightweight and consumes less power with the upcoming Asus VivoWatch.

The VivoWatch is also Asus fitness-centric wearable devices that features a heart rate monitor together with a suite of health related apps. It won’t be running the typical Android Wear platform but will most likely ride around a proprietary software underneath the stainless steel frame. Asus promised a 10 day battery life for the VivoWatch which can’t be said with the ZenWatch. It comes with a IP67 certification which means that the VivoWatch can withstand water and dust as the smartwatch is designed to monitor the users activities and is expected to be durable in that sense.

Though Asus didn’t talk much about the VivoWatch which leave us in a pretty scarcity of information but the VivoWatch might be that one that Asus talked about back in February. Even the underlying software layer is a mystery at the moment but Asus promised more information about the new wearable at the Milan Design Week which starts any moment from now.