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Apple’s most innovative Apple Watch becomes available on April 24, prices starts at $549

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Mar 11, 2015 )    |    Featured, Gadgets, Technology


Unveiled since September of last year, the Apple Watch was thought to be one of the benchmarks on smartwatches not only on its design but also the technology that goes along with it. There were already overview and several hands-on reviews of the new wearable device, It wasn’t until today that Apple formally out the Apple Watch with its all working and nearly complete Watch OS for the attendees to play into.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was excitedly standing in front of hundreds of Attendees at Apple Special event on Tuesday morning to introduce new and updated products that Apple has to offer and one of which was the latest addition to the Apple family the Apple Watch. The company’s CEO has made a run-down on all exciting new features on their newest wearable device from the beautiful craftsmanship and the materials they’ve put in when building the timepiece and to every technology that Apple claims to be the first time ever that has happened on wearable devices.

Created to cater everyone, the new Apple Watch is available in 38mm and 42mm sizes with three primary variants crafted with different high-quality materials for specific need and purpose. The standard Apple Watch is crafted using a stainless steel or a space black stainless steel case with the Watch covered with Sapphire Glass and with a choice of different stylish bands. The Sport edition Watch is made out of anodized aluminum material with a specially Strenghtened Ion-X Glass for added protection in outdoor environments and it also comes with a number of durable and colorful bands to choose from. And there’s the Apple Watch Edition variant that features an 18-Karat gold cases in traditional and elegant yellow or rose shades, Sapphire Crystal and an exquisitely crafted premium bands and enclosure to choose from.


The Apple Watch OS is designed in every users needs from being a perfect technological timepiece and with a number of features that set the Apple Watch apart from other players in the industry. It also allows users to make their Apple Watch a bit more personal by having different faces and configurations suited for each user. It faces ranges the traditional watch faces to the the information rich colorful digital display or with a simple and elegant face or simply a fun and animated faces. In addition to the customizable watch faces, users can also add additional information to the display with information such as the date, a world clock, a stopwatch, your to-do lists and more.

The new Apple Watch also comes with a neat and unique feature called Glances, by swiping from the bottom-up, the Watch allows users to view instant information such as the weather, the calendar or perhaps control music and even check your heart-rate with the built-in heart-rate monitor.


The Apple Watch also allows you to communicate immediately and intimately. It allows you to view messages and with the built-in speaker and microphone, the Apple Watch will allow you to receive calls on the Watch. It has a built-in email app which allows users to read emails. It also comes with a new feature that connects between an Apple Watch to another Apple Watch which Apple calls the Digital Touch. From sketches that beams from one Watch to the next, catch the attention on the other end by tapping on the Watch or even send your own heart beat to show your feelings to others.

In addition to the features that the Apple Watch that we’ve just mentioned, The new Apple Watch is also a comprehensive fitness device. It comes with sensors that is able to track your activities and have them presented to you, it has a built-in monitoring system that tracks your movements and how much calories that you’ve been burning throughout the week. From the data that it has collected from you, the Watch can show you your progress on your movement, exercises down and could even remind you on how long have you been sitting in a simple circular graphic presentation.


Besides the built-in fitness app, Apple also includes a built-in Workout app on the Apple Watch which act as your personal coach and trainers to do stuff like running, cycling and other Workout exercises and will show you a comprehensive report on your workout progress including the distance that you’re travelling, the time, the calories you are burning straight from the watch itself. These makes up the health and fitness capabilities of the new Apple Watch.

There are a lot more from the Apple Watch that’s new for users. Using the Apple Watch is allows you to track rich and valuable information like the latest news, entertainment and sports and even track your favorite sports team in the way you wanted and even connect to social media networks. With the introduction of Apple Watch, Apple will is releasing the latest Watch SDK today to welcome developers to create apps for the Watch OS.

One of the important new features incorporated into the watch is the new Apple Pay. The feature will allow users to Pay using the Apple Watch from the Credit Card information that you saved on the Watch. The procedure is quite easy as users can simply place the watch near a terminal or card scanner device and in an instant its done. Also, Apple has made the feature with layers of security features which allows digital and credit card payments more secure.


But will all of these features, The Watch itself relies on a battery to keep itself up. And that’s what everybody is waiting to know about the Apple Watch. Apple has already made it clear that the Apple Watch can stand of up to 18 hours of usage before users need to recharge the device. Some have complained for the short battery life but Apple can only squeezed-in that amount of power on its wearable device, but Apple also states that the 42mm variant of the Watch can last a bit longer than the 38mm variant and also has found a convenient way to recharge the Apple Watch with its Magsafe technology combined with inductive charging mechanism.

According to Apple, The new Apple Watch is able to stay one whole day while using most of the features from the Watch. But stressing-out with talking and using other apps with the Watch, Apple has given an estimate of up to 3 hours of Talk time, 6.5 hours of audio playback, 7 hours on WorkOut, up to 48 hours when using the device as a watch alone and up to 72 hours under power reserve. Power Reserve kicks in when the device power gets to low for other features to be available and will only show the watch app as it waits for the user to charge the device.


The Apple Watch will be ready for pre-order starting on April 10. The price of the new Apple Watch depends on different factors, As the Apple Watch is available in two sizes the 38mm Apple Watch will have a price that starts at $549 up to $1049 depending on the selection of the Watch band. The 42mm Apple Watch will only be $50 more from the smaller Watch that has a price starting at $599 to $1099 and will also depend on the band that users want the Watch to come with.

Furthermore, Apple reserves a special pricing for the Apple Watch Edition that starts at $10,000 and will be available in 38mm and 42mm in size in selected retail stores that includes the solid gold Apple Watch casing with premium and elegantly detailed straps. The Apple Watch will be able on April 24 in many countries across the world.