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Apple’s “Core Version” of upcoming iOS 9 to support legacy hardware

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( May 23, 2015 )    |    News


Apple gears up for the WWDC 2015 bringing some new additions to Apple’s current line-up of devices and services. One of which is the upcoming update to Apple’s mobile operating system, the iOS 9 which will replace the current iOS 8 is said to feature backward compatibility with older devices.

Known as the  “Core Version” of iOS 9, the upcoming software as it is believed to be will  empower older devices such as the iPhone 4s and iPad minis and will incorporate features that will seamlessly works with supported devices. That said, Apple will then add more features from the full-pledge iOS 9 that would certainly proved to be of use and functional.

New security features are also expected with the release of iOS 9 with one of which dubbed as “Rootless” that  will provide iCloud file encryption to Apple apps, preserve sensitive data, help secure and prevent malware threats and will even make the OS difficult to Jailbreak. Apple had already tried to beefed up its iOS security in the past but the changes to the security and anti-jailbreak features of the upcoming iOS is yet to be seen.

We won’t be expecting to much of user interface redesigns to the upcoming OS but we’d expect more optimizations to further improved the OS’es user experience. With legacy support of older devices, surely Apple would make users of the company’s older hardware happy.